A Brief History

The forum of Asian Theological Librarians is the outcome of the Consultation of Asian Theological Librarians, held in May 1991 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Held under the sponsorship of the Programe for Theology and Cultures in Asia, representative from eight countries participated in the Consultation.

A second Consultation of the Forum for Asian Theological Librarians was held in Kaliurang, Indonesia, in October 1997. This Forum reaffirmed the following aims and plans:
* To encourage the formation of a Master's Degree Course in Theological Librarianship.
* To expand the network of Librarians in Asia.
* To revise the Directory of Asian Theological Libraries.
* To revise and expand the Guidelines for Asian Theological Librarians.

With the help of Ecumenical Theological Education (ETE) and the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia (ATESEA), a third Consultation was held in Bangkok, Thailand, in February 2003 to consolidate the organization of ForATL and to identify and work on achieving its objectives.

A fourth was held from 19-23 April 2006 at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia in Seremban, Malaysia with the theme: “Strengthening the Collaboration between Theological Librarians and Scholars Towards Growth in Asian Theological Formation.”

ForATL aims:

To facilitate the development and exchange of resources of theology in the Asian contexts for the formation of:

national theological library associations or networks
national depositories of Christian literature,
union listings, directory of Asian theological libraries, guidelines, indexes, bibliographies, etc. for publication. 

To promote co-operation among, and training of, theological librarians

  To arrange short-term courses and workshops.
  To develop an Asia-wide network of theological libraries.


Membership is open to
* Libraries
* Practising librarians
* Any other organization or individual interested in the development of Asian theological resources.

Members will receive occasional newsletter to keep them up-to-date on current ForATL developments, news and events.

Members are encouraged to share information from their areas on publications in theology and cultures, church history and current developments in churches and missions, as well as other topics, which are relevant to theological libraries.

Contact Persons *

Mrs. Elizabeth T. Pulanco, Convenor, email: pulancoe@yahoo.com
Mr. Yesan Sellan, Secretary, yesans@gmail.com, library@saiacs.org

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