Nepal Report

Seminar-Workshop on Asia-Pacific Forum for Library and Achives Management Training
Bangalore, India, UTC- June 1 - 30, 2004

Nepal Ebenezer Bible College

1) Nepal Ebenezer Bible College was established in 1992. We have graduated almost 65 students from Nepal & India. It is the leading college in Nepal
2) We have got 4000 volumes
3) We preserve and promote the library by collecting the book from different theological colleges & churches. So for we do not have any kind of Archives but we do keep our ancient manuscript
4) Since I am a librarian in my college, I have categorized the books according to the books names & numbered them my own way because I have not gone for any kind of training to systematize the library. Whenever I received the new books, if the books got finishing numbering them I just go for Roman letters in order to make to find out to students.
5) I have computerized the entire library & cataloging system as ordinary has.
6) We have a textual records, audio-visual records, sound records
7) The preservation Environment we do not have
8) I do allow to the students to go library & have book for reading after the library gets over they suppose to leave the on the tables.

The story of the Christian history in Nepal

As we know that Nepal is only one Hindu country. The monarchy was main ruling power in since the identification of Nepal. The history says the missionaries used to come in the end of 19 century but they were not allowed to share gospel. We not have any particular records of those 17 & 18-century missionaries. But we come to explore the 19-century missionaries; we came cross some records of missionaries writing in the different manuscript. So we fill something that has to be done to the nation of Nepal. So the Nepal Ebenezer Bible College provides very relevant courses how to reach with Gospel in outreach areas with in Nepal & its neighbors. Since I have told our College was established in 1992. We have been trying to collect the books in various recourses in order to make student’s comfort. We have a very permanent library called ATN. Which really has kept so many volumes of ancient books where we can the real idea of Nepal Christian History as well as history the world. We have little individual recourse all over Nepal. For that Nepal Ebenezer Bible College has really gone for not to collect only but to make effort to available to the Nepali students what missionary has done in Nepal. We have included all these type of volumes in our library. So our task an ecumenical approach in collecting together collecting scattered resources.
So we the real task to make our as much as modern that our coming generation will have solid opportunity to use the library and know the real meaning of what the forefathers done for to preserve their tradition. So we as body of NEBC determine that we will do our best to keep library as big as possible. For that we have been working from various ways to collect the books. We believe by 2009 we are going to have 50,000 volumes in our library. So please I request all participant to pray for my nation and our Bible College.



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