The Archives Management in Taiwan

The Archives Management in Taiwan Presented at Group Library Training on Archives Management June 1-30, 2004 in Bangalore, India by Li-chun Huang, MA. Librarian Chang Jung Christian University

The Archives Management in Taiwan

The archives management in Taiwan There are four main places.

National Palace Museum The National Palace Museum collects, preserves, and promotes the essence of Chinese art and crafts. National Palace Museum owns a collection of Archives in Old Manchu It means that those archives belong to Ching Dynasty.

2. Taiwan Historica Taiwan Historica has collected photographs, documents, contracts and films related to Taiwan history, culture, folklore, arts and religions through purchase, exchange, photocopy and reproduction from both public and private institutes . Taiwan Historica is under Academia Historica.

3. Academia Historica Academia Historica was established in 1912. Academia Historica is under the President’s Office. Academia Histroica edits the national history, local history and preserves national important archives. Except this, Academia Histroica has preserved all the archives of president and vice president since 2003.

4. National Archives Administration The director said “Archive refers to document sorted, recorded, registered, and preserved. An archive consists of all kinds of records and files produced during the administrative process in accordance with law.” National Archives Administration is under Executive Yuan (Branch) of Government.
The Establishment of National Archives Administration ? National Archives Administration was created on November 23, 2001. ? The Archives Act passed in 1999, and took effect on January 1, 2002, so did the bylaws. This marked the beginning of an institutionalized, standardized, and professionally managed national system of archives. It was a milestone for Taiwan’s development in filing systems.
(2) The Functions of the National Archives Administration ? Planning and enacting archives management policies, regulations and management systems. ? Supervising, evaluating and coordinating the management and application of records.
(3) The operations of archives management are as follows: ? Checking. ? Classification. ? Cataloging. ? Preservation. ? Retrieval and access.? Disposition. ? Security control. ? Other operations of archives management and providing required relevant facilities.
(4) The Organization of National Archives Administration

(5) The National Archives Information System (NAIS)

(6)The Formats of Preserved Archives
(7) The Preservation Environment
(8) Data interchange standards The USMARC Format for Bibliographic Data (USMARC) and the Encoded Archival Description for archives(EAD).
(9) The Principles of Paper Archives’ Preservation 1. Principle of Prevention 2. Principle of Compatibility 3. Principle of Similarity 4. Principle of Reversibility
The archives management in Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

From the efforts of the English missionaries in the south from 1865 and the Canadian missionaries in the north from 1872, a Taiwanese Presbyterian Church began to take shape.
Till now about 139 years, there are many many important historical archival documents left. Some archives on the homepage of Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, they also can be retrieved from full text. But there are many archives stored in different places.

There are many valuable historical archives preserved in Chang Jung High School and Tainan Theological College and Seminary.
Tainan Theological College and Seminary

Chang Jung High School

Presbyterian Church in Taiwan is planning to set up an Archives Center in Chang Jung Christian University . They will collect all of the valuable archives together to the Archives Center.
Chang Jung Christian University ?Tainan Theological College and Seminary and Chang Jung High School are affiliated with Presbyterian Church in Taiwan now.
Chang Jung Christian University will build a new David Landsborough Memorial Library in two years. Then the current library building will be used as the Archives Center.

Archives management will be a tremendous challenge for us and will be a new milestone for our library. I am sure this training will be extremely helpful for our preparation for the Archives Center.
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