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          -  Building Up Resources for Thelogical Education in Asia
          -  Understanding the Spirituality and Theological Thought of Our Region
          -  A Profile of Asian Theological Libraries
         - Emerging Tasks of Theological Education and the Role of Scholars and Theological Librarians ,,,

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* American Theological Library Association  (ATLA)

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* BETH - European Theological Libraries

* Digitization and Digital Libraries and the Management of Electronic Documents

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* Indian Theological Library Association (ITLA)

* Union Catalog of Theological and Christian Libraries in Hong Kong 

* Spektra Virtual Library (SVL)

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      * Asian Christian Theologies: A Research Guide to Authors,
         Movements, Sources. Vol. 1-3. Edited by John England 

         Maryknoll, New  York: Orbis Books, 2002.

      * Ministering Asian Faith and Wisdom: A Manual for Theological Librarians in Asia 
         by Rita and John England. Quezon City: New Day Pub., 2001.

P*Theodor Hamberg: The First Swedish Missionary to China*
         by Herman Schyter. Edited by Goran Wiking 2013.




Book Grants & Subsidies

Feed the Minds Books for Life ;
Feed the Minds (FTM) is an ecumenical Christian organisation that supports education in the world’s poorest regions with the belief that this is the most effective way to empower people and invest in the sustainable future of whole communities. The FTM Books for Life initiative supports emerging Church leaders by supporting theological education and other Church education and communications projects worldwide. Programmes under this initiative include international study guides, library grants, indigenous Christian publishing and the Overseas Book Service, which offers second-hand and used theology books to theological and Christian colleges in the developing world and Eastern Europe. For more information, please visit the respective websites.

Langham Partnership International (LPI)
Founded by John Stott, LPI aims to see churches in the Majority World served by godly pastors who are well
trained and well resourced, and who know how to preach the Bible faithfully and relevantly in their own context. LPI
operates three programmes : Langham Literature, Langham Scholars and Langham Preaching. Langham
Literature provides evangelical books for pastors, theological students and seminary libraries, and facilitates writing
and publishing in the Majority World through various programmes, including library grants, books for graduates,
and substantial discounts from major publishers. For more information, please visit their website.


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