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Greetings from ForATL,

In response to the proposal made in our recently concluded consultation held at Trinity Theological College, Singapore, during May 2009. ForATL would like to initiate the project of compiling a Directory of Theses and Dissertations available in Asian Seminaries. A task force was appointed to co-ordinate this project. The task force requests your institution to participate in this project by contributing the list of dissertations and theses available in your library which are submitted to degree granting institutions/universities in Asia.

Objectives of this project:
a. To provide bibliographic information on theses and dissertations submitted to Asian seminaries, universities and Institutions.
b. To facilitate the researchers to know the previous research on a particular field of study.
c. To enhance the researcher’s scope to reach out the best possible resources to his are of research and to contribute to the knowledge.
d. To keep the theological educators abreast of his area of research.

I take this opportunity to invite institution in Asia to be part of this good cause and being helpful in whatever way we could be. This project will be of great value to theological education in Asia and beyond.

Here below a link is provided to download the format for compiling the list of theses and dissertations. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions in this regard. You are welcome to pass this request to as many institutions as you can. This will help us reach out every theological seminary/college in Asia to pool the resources list.

Look forward to your cooperation and support.
With kind regards
(Yesan Sellan)
Secretary, ForATL
Convener, Task Force – Directory of Theses and Dissertations

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